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Children’s Dentist in Springfield

At Best Impressions Family Dentistry in Springfield, MO, we like to start seeing children early for “happy visits” so that we can get them accustomed to coming to the dental office. We want those first visits to be easy and comfortable so that kids gain confidence in coming to the dentist!

Care for baby teeth should begin as soon as the first tooth appears. We recommend that you bring your child in for an exam around their first birthday. Regular checkups are important for creating a preventative strategy to fit your child’s specific needs.

Group of smiling children


Prevention is the name of the game when it comes to children’s dentistry. Tooth decay is the number one preventable childhood disease. Prevention begins with good dental habits, the right diet, and regular visits to the dentist. At Best Impressions Family Dentistry, we take great pride in educating children and parents about proper oral hygiene habits and nutrition. We want to create beneficial oral health habits for a lifetime!

It is recommended that your children have their first visit to the dentist by their first birthday. After that, it is important to have twice-yearly visits for cleanings and fluoride application to keep your children’s teeth healthy and strong. It is our goal to make those visits as easy, fun, and as motivating as possible so your kids develop good habits and confidence in going to the dentist.

Comfortable, Stress-Free Experience

Even with proper home care and regular dental visits, your children can still sometimes get cavities. In the event that your child needs restorative dental treatment, Dr. Dannegger and his staff are very skilled in treating your child in a comfortable manner. They take time to put you and your child at ease with the procedure.

More than anything, we pride ourselves on close communication with parents. Everyone wants to know the specifics of their child’s health. Our team of professionals at Best Impressions Family Dentistry in Springfield, MO, will talk you through all the ins and outs of your child’s appointment. Give us a call today!

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